"Re-living classic car stories ... and glories."™

We set up, produce and run Car Shows/Cruise Nights for Classic, Muscle, Antique and Custom cars and motorcycles. We put on the events, you show up, have fun, go home and next time, we do it all over again. We’re only responsible for setting up the events and do not have control what happens at the events, but these guidelines are put out for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Car Show Information/Guidelines

Because of the different nature for the car shows, with registration, judging and awards, they run a bit different. These are our guidelines for the Car Shows:

We organize Car Shows either during the day (from 9am till 3pm or 4pm) or twilight shows (from 3pm till 9pm or so.) Our show schedules usually run as follows:

-Registration for the first THREE hours after the show starts:
(9am-12pm for day shows or 3pm-6pm for twilight shows)
- Voting is allowed for ONE hour (minimum) after registration ends:
(usually 12pm to 1pm for day shows or 6pm to 7pm for twilight shows  (maybe longer depending on number of entrants)
- Organizers will calculate the voting for the next hour to hour-and-a-half (depending on number of registrants and how nicely everyone wrote their votes down)
- Once ALL the numbers are tallied, the winners will be announced
(usually between 2 and 3 pm for day shows or  8 and 9 pm for twilight shows)
- Goody bags (if provided) will be available for the first 50 registrants (or more if we have more.)
- Any food discounts will be in the goody bags (therefore also limited to the first registrants.)
- Roughly one trophy per four or five cars will be awarded (sorry, not everybody wins.) When selecting a “class” for your vehicle, keep in mind how many others are in the class. If you want to increase your chance of receiving a trophy, select a class where there are minimal competitors.
- All tabulations and calculations are final. Sorry, we don’t overrule the voters.


Cruise Night Information/Guidelines

- We arrive and set up between 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours before the event starts.
- Cruise Nights officially start at 6:00 pm and go until the Village/Town/Municipality no longer allows music to be played (usually 8:30 or 9 pm)
- NO bicycling, skate boarding,  or roller skating around the cars.  NO EXCEPTIONS (scratching a car is NOT fun and repainting it is NEVER free.)
- Arriving before 7 pm, through the designated entry will provide you a FREE ticket for the raffle(s). If you come in any other way, you get no ticket.  No ticki, no wini. (No whining if you don’t win anything because you don’t have a ticket.)
- All cars are welcome to our shows; old, classic, muscle, hot rod, foreign, customized and even motorcycles. Everyone is allowed to have fun.
- Today’s “tuners” are tomorrow’s “hot rodders” so show a little love to the younger drivers/car owners.
- Yes, you can request a song (and we LOVE requests) but don’t get mad if we don’t have it. We’ll try to get it for you next time if we don’t have it this time.
- No burn outs (If you’re busted by the fuzz for breaking the law, don’t come crying to us.)
- No drinking of alcohol  outside of the respective businesses/approved locations (against the law in many areas.)
- No illegal drugs (the 60s are over.)
- Trash cans are provided for your “use,” please “use” them (We’re guests on the property, let’s NOT abuse that privilege or it may be taken away.)
- Movies (if provided) are for entertainment ONLY – parents are STILL responsible for their kids. (Sorry, NO “baby sitting” service is provided.)
- If you are SELLING a car, make sure you follow ALL the rules required by law.
- If you end up BUYING a car and your spouse does NOT approve, it’s NOT OUR FAULT!
- All vehicles MUST be legally insured and licensed per state requirements.
- This is a family event, please watch your language AND actions.
- ANY rough-housing, will result in police involvement, and expulsion from future events. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- In consideration of the right to participate in this event, you hereby release the organizers, volunteers, property owners and all people and organizations connected to this event from any and all damages, injuries, losses or claims to you, your property, your vehicle or its occupants.

HEY, even when setting rules, we have to have some fun. Our objective is to make the events fun for all, so as long as we treat each other with respect and the way we want to be treated, we’ll all return next time for more.

Thanks for reading. Now, go get ready for the next Fuzzy Dice Event.

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